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At Professional Tax we are a family owned and operated business that has served the tax and accounting needs of South Central Kentucky taxpayers and businesses for nearly 50 years. Combined with thousands of hours of professional study and training, we have gained the knowledge of serving tens of thousands of taxpayers, which puts us in a unique position to make sure you pay the lowest amount of tax legally possible. 

Because of our huge amount of experience, we understand the fear and frustration that comes from dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Kentucky. Our team at Professional Tax will utilize our experience, knowledge and the fullest extent of the law to aggressively defend your interests and rights.

The ProTax Family
Mike, Melissa
and John


  • To utilize our God-given gifts to help those in need of assistance.

  • To provide the highest quality tax & consulting for both individuals and businesses.

  • To build strong, caring relationships with our clients and remove the fear and myths of dealing with the IRS.

  • To provide our team the opportunity to grow in a professional family environment. 

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